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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
There will be pro and cons to either. Using 10% more power for every start is a bad thing when you start a lot with short trips. More power will help when it's cold no doubt but a new starter will prob deliver 50-100%, more power than you have with the damaged starter.

I would love to see the inside of the starter if you are up to opening it up like the video shows.

Hi Andrew attached is best I could upload given restrictions on size...initially auto electrician told me it was salvageable, then said wasn't and then before I had left and after a new one was installed said it could be. I prefer not to recon it as don't think it will be quite up to the speed of the 2.2kw rated one i have now, plus can you see there are signs of wear..boy has the new one made a difference to this old denso that was struggling. I have never heard the x5 start so well.. As you say though remains to be seen if this 2.2kw has an impact on my battery health due its higher rating and coupled with my lame driving.....
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