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Help with retrofitting TV Module

Ok, I've searched here and on google and just can't get my head around it.

I sourced a TV module and wiring harness off a 2003 4.6is parts car I bought.

Because I was busy just removing everything I didn't really pay attention on where it was suppose to go plus the car has whole lot of other aftermarket wiring so it was confusing to begin with.

Ok, with that said, I know the TV module goes next to them BM53 radio module and the plastic bracket has the opening so I put that there.

I have the wiring harness which the already has all the RCA cables attached to them but from my understanding is that this cable is supposed to be teed off the back of the MK4 DVD Drive? Then this cable is not long enough to reach from the location all the way to the DVD drive or am I wrong?

There is no empty connector in TV module area either.

My main goal is to get the backup camera working on the stock MK4 nav screen.

This is the cable I have:

I checked the pin outs and all the RCA seem correctly wired. The parts car had a backup up cam with mk4 nav as well.
2005 Imola 4.8iS
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