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Originally Posted by cn90 View Post
- If you have to park the car outside and have to leave town, a GHETTO solution (temp fix until you have time to tackle the problem) is:

- Get Clear Plastic Vapor Barrier (the stuff at Home Depot), usually used to line basement floor before pouring concrete. This is thick plastic.

- Cut a piece a bit longer than the door, then place it so that it covers the bottom half of the door. Tape using painter tape, just tape below the arm rest.
Then close the door.

- This plastic thing will divert any water to the outside world until you have time to fix it permanently.

- If the Door VB is torn, get a new one from dealer.
Good idea for a temporary fix! I did use some black plastic vapor barrier as a permanent fix on my X5. I had one OEM barrier that was so torn by PO that it was all I could do to use the pieces for a template. I wonder why BMW doesn't tuck the bottom edges back into the door cavity to positively deflect water back to the bottom door drains?
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