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Hi All,

Just thought I'd update on this issue. Unfortunately, the connector was squeaky clean and totally free from moisture of any kind and the voltage doesn't dip below 13.5 at any point before, during or after it goes into failsafe.

After clearing the fault codes a few weeks back, another scan has shown this one again:

5088 - Sensor gearbox selector switch

In fact, it was the only fault in the transmission this time.

I'm told that this is not in the gear stick selector itself, but right up inside the trans on my 2004 X5. A faulty one can also be responsible for the gears clinging on for too long and slamming around apparently.

At present, it seems that it's not possible to order this part from BMW without getting a whole mechatronic unit for the GA6HP26Z. Being the type who likes to dig in, I won't be taking that and have done some digging around. I found this video and it describes my issue almost exactly - apart from the fact that my X5 does start every time.

The gentleman in the video sends the TCU off to a company called Soft Electronic in Bulgaria to be repaired and they send it back good to go. Just wondering if anyone here has done the same thing and can vouch for the service, if I was to go this route?

I'm going to wait and see what the mechanic comes back with regarding spare parts. Luckily, he is my step-brother, so I'm sure he will try his best to do me as many solids as he possibly can on this!

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