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Crazy you can't just get the selector switch. Do you get wonky gear position indications? At one point my dash showed I was in gear "54". All indications were a hardware problem with the selector switch. Mine is a separate part but with the 3.0 5 speed auto, the selector switch is inside the transmission but you can remove without taking out the valve body.

I took out and cleaned the inside of the TCM from the ebox as I found indication of water / corrosion inside the TCM so I cleaned that and the contacts in case it was a wiring problem between transmission and TCM.

Clean your TCM connector and then use scanner to read real time PRND[L] (love how the guy pronounced like a word prundel). I was about to take the bottom off my transmission to refurbish the selector switch when I discovered in my case the connector was filled with rusty water. If the selector switch is futzed you should be able to read non match values such as reporting neutral when in drive.

If the selection is stuck in neutral or park you can still start you'll get a non start condition if it sticks in any other position as the computer won't allow start when not in P or N.

In my case shorts on the connector would show in multiple gears simultaneously and the computer reported gears that don't exist. The scanner would show the binary coded value such as "14" but it's not an actual gear so it showed literally "gear ???".

The scanner is literally telling you your trans range selector switch is not reporting correct values, so likely it's a hardware problem on the switch but I would eliminate wiring so check the connection on the other side of the bundle (eg at the TCM in the ebox) and look for broken/shorted wires in the bundle before pulling out the valve body to assess the slide switch if you have the same transmission as the video.

Some V8 X5 have an external selector switch that's very easy to remove and replace I was pretty bummed to find out mine is inside the transmission.
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