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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Nope. Probably won't be fora bit either unfortunately. I'll start an install thread when I do though.

Ob, it was necessary to use a relay triggered by the pdc trigger at the back of the truck. As mentioned, on an lci truck using just the tail lights to trigger a reverse camera will result in the camera not functioning properly due to the pwm.

My avant 2 install details this. It was a complete pain in the @$$ to install. Especially with the camera that used to be provided by Avin. To do it properly, and not make it a hack job takes considerable effort. Which is why so many installs you see [I]are[I] hack jobs. Here, the insanity starts at step 28.
Wow, CW. Unbelievable write-up, how did I miss that? I guess my searches have always been for Avant-3. The amount of detail you put in is truly amazing. I read the entire post from start to finish.

So on the custom circuit board for the reverse cam I am assuming you didn't have the Resler IBus interface at that time so you needed a different path to trigger the reverse event. I like the added feature of the PDC button command but I am not sure it is needed for me with the newer evolution of android HU I can simply bring up the rear view through the app within the HU. Still a nice feature you with TerminatorX and Smokey53 figured out. Kudos.

I design, build and install data and video acquisition harnesses for the motorsport environment and it was nice to see someone with the same OCD for fit and finish as I have. It makes all the difference in the world when you stand back and look at your efforts and results. When I look at this picture, all I can say is one word. Professional.

Thanks for sharing.
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