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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
My install is very similar to the M3 video except I went down the driver side. I had installed a Dice Mediabridge many years ago so I knew that route would work and be factory like.

I have a Seicane unit that I don't recommend because of total lack of customer service. But from going through the problems of that install I would never even suggest trying to customize the unit features unless one is a pro. My view is to buy something that already has the features you want and one you won't be breaking new ground. I think Android based is the only route to go. At least there is half a chance of keeping up with emerging factory features that might come available as an android app to stay state of the art.
Same here. I had the original Dice iPod/iPhone adapter and I ran down the drivers side. Since the camera will route to the right side rear for power, I think I will duplicate the routing on the left side we did for the dice but on the right side instead. Tuck towards the center at the right front seat and up into the center console for the remaining 3 feet to the glove box/HU area. Just like our Dice systems did but reversed. Since our Dice interface was wired in at the left side rear, that made sense.
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