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Bumping this old thread...I tried Overboost's OxyClean soak and it was an astounding success.

In my case I removed the entire seatbelt from the driver's side and did two multi-hour soak and rinse cycles....and rinsed with a pressure washer at a safe distance. Took a fair amount with the pressure washer to rinse completely.

Post rinse, I folded the belt accordian style with about 12 inch lengths, and laid it on the side on top of a floor vent. it was bone dry overnight. set up some short lengths of 2x4 to keep the 'accordian' from expanding off the floor vent.

One of the biggest culprits in my case was the nastiness inside the B-Pillar. There's a brass colored bar/guide in there for the belt that was CAKED with lint and grease and I believe was the other 25% of the problem with my seatbelt not retracting. the last 18 inches took about 10 seconds to retract. I hit that and the other contact points with some tarminator.

After the Oxyclean and b-pillar cleanup and a VERY light misting of silicone spray on the webbing and b-pillar guides, I can't let go of the seatbelt when I am getting out of my seat now! It goes back so hard now I am afraid it'll break a window! Mind you, I had a new seatbelt on order before trying this. But this is as good as I have ever seen one work in 9 years of multiple e53s ownership!

Thanks Overboost!! on to the rear center seatbelt replacement
...and then the blower motor.

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