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Originally Posted by MANGO View Post
Christ. What is the purpose of these things for anyway?
Maybe if I have a clue of what they do I'll have a better understanding of how to cram them back in there.

Pretty sure they are just anti rattle/slop. If you noticed, those screws were very light to remove. Like it took stupid little amount of torque from the wrench to remove. So donít tighten them up like crazy when putting back in. That side sort of floats. I think it takes out the play in the assembly and maybe compensates for loose tolerances. Not quite sure myself. Odd that itís only one side as well.

Donít stress about putting them back in. I drew myself a picture when I took it out, and still had to figure it out on assembly. Once you get the rear shade back in, before you put the screws in, you will slide them into those spots, then screw them down. I donít think itís super crucial how they sit in there. The idea is for the shade mechanism to be able to slop a bit, not be fixed in place like the other side.
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