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As I mentioned above, use only VDO washer pump, it is factory and it lasts some 100K.
Aftermarket pump is hit-or-miss.

At 100K, I recommend that you replace ONLY the front pump (rear is not critical). Then save the old (but still functional) washer pump in the trunk just in case.

The X3 washer pump is very very easy to replace.

PS: The reason I recommend replacing the Front pump is that: my 1998 528i washer pump went out during a bad weather/storm/ was very dangerous to drive without a washer pump!!! Better be safe than sorry. A VDO pump is only $16.

Another option is buy a new VDO pump and keep it in the trunk. Very easy swap (except that you lose some juice when doing this in the middle of nowhere).
1998 E39 528i 5sp MT
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