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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
My pics sync automagically to One Drive where I get 1TB of space each for 5 users of Office 365. No one can touch 5TB of storage for the O365 annual subscription price. My young daughter's iPhone is connected this way as well. She and my sibling are 2 of the 5 users. They get Office, too.

Saves time and aggravation. I can't recall the last time I connected a phone to transfer pics except Bluetooth. If you don't like cloud storage, have you tried Bluetooth transfers? It's nice as well, but is a few clicks. Probably no more than with a cable.

Really, I just want pics ASAP. So, get connected or somethin and GIVE!
I use the cable because its usb 3.0 and can move a 4gb movie off the phone in 60 seconds or so.

I shoot the pics at full rez then shrink the ones I put up on the web to 1024x768.

The cable makes moving them real fast. Wife snagged the cable off my desk without letting me know is why I had to track it down.
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