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Originally Posted by Elkman View Post
I used a grounded plug tester light as well as moving coils and plugs around, all coils were good. I tested the pulse to all the fuel injectors as well as the operation of all fuel injectors all were good. I did a smoke test to check for vacuum leaks. all was good. I check cylinder compression and fuel pressure. all were OK. I have concluded cyl #3 coil is not getting a pulse.

I need to check for continuity to eliminate the harness as suggested, I need to find out the best way to do that?

Thanks for the help Guys.
You need to disconnect the coil & the DME. Then using a pinout diagram of the wiring harness check each wire individually from the coil to the DME. Obviously you need a meter that is functioning properly or this time will be wasted. Example, touching the probes together should NOT give a reading of -.2. If all that checks ok, Id vote on a bad DME
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