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Originally Posted by Elkman View Post
What happens is when I clear the misfire code and start the car #3 injector works for 15 or 30 seconds then the DME turns it off which is normal when it detects a misfire, I think. This happens the same time the check engine light comes back on.
A misfire on a modern engine does not mean that the spark plug or coil is the problem. A misfire in a modern engine means that the cylinder is not producing as much power on the power stroke as the other cylinders in the engine. This could be due to lower compression number in the cylinder or a slightly clogged injector that doesn't spray as much fuel into the cylinder.

Is the compression number in the offending cylinder the same as the other, at least within 10%? Have you checked the spray pattern of the injector in the misfiring cylinder the volume of gas it is spraying within a given time?
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