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After a pretty close call yesterday, I've added to the toolkit arsenal. When you're rolling around a few acres of metal- and especially in the back rows where most every 'import' section is in these things- You might find yourself in a particular, erm. Need. The, uhhh 'facilities' offered are not always as complete as you might prefer. This little tidbit didn't find an itch to scratch today, but they'll stay in the box. Think of it like camping. Or a really long hike. Always be prepared.
Today I was on a mission for a fellow board member. I'd robbed some auto dimming glass from a PP E53 drivers mirror yesterday and he's looking for the gears within. I went to a new yard feeling optimistic that even though there was only one E53 on the lot, a new venue would reap big returns. Yeah. We were a little late to that party it appears.
Undeterred, and in possession of 5 BMW's from the century's turn, I toddeled on.
  • I've been meaning to fix or repair the completely pixelated DSP radio in my mother in laws '01. She doesn't drive it, but my wife often commandeers it when she needs to run my daughter around. Since the radios are the same in E39s and E53's, I was sure I'd hit paydirt.
  • I also was looking for a sunroof trim panel for my wife's E46. These things get crusty over time and the plastic breaks. Hers hung down at some point. We just can't have that.
  • While I was looking, I noticed the sunroof motor was pretty easy to get to. Especially if you don't have to care about ripping the headliner on a junker, you can get right up close and personal. I found one and had it out in minutes. She hasn't used her disconnected her sunroof in years. It'll open, but not close. Now, we don't know if this is a cartridge issue or a motor one, but hell. It was there, dry, and easy to remove.
    • I tested the pulled part today and it runs in both directions- and quietly. Tomorrow is the day I'll remove hers and see if it does as well. If it doesn't, I'll replace it with the pulled part. If it does, we have a cartridge issue.
  • Since I was eyeing E39's for the radios, I remembered I need to remove a trunk-mounted DVD I installed 19 years ago. They were all the rage as was TV and video in motion with OE parts. I found the rear carpet part I'd cut a hole in and a nice replacement for the insulation behind the non-folding seats in the E39. Done.

Here's a shot of the haul...
Now you might notice those retro cupholder looking things. I've always liked those. They're in an E39 loaner I get sometimes. I opened the door and there they were- sitting in the passenger seat. They even had the sticky bottoms taped up as if they'd never been installed. I only had a minute to drop them in while at the hangar dropping off my road trip rear wheels.

You know how when you mow the grass or use a backpack blower or take a shower (or one of the other morning 'S's) and your mind just sorta flies into a moment of clarity? Well, that happened here as I ran around looking for all the little things that still irritate me even if I am twice as old as I thought I would ever be.

The last E46 service came complete with some time spent cleaning the engine bay. I so appreciated that effort it made me frown about the little modesty insert for the manifold cover.

Here we are before...

Annnd after... Not bad for 17 years old.
All of the E39 trunk rummaging had me remembering that somewhere on my E39, I'd had a smear of a sticker for around 10 or 11 years. Sh!t like that reminds me of how careless I was at one point, and I'd had enough thinking about it.

After: (anyone else notice the phone Numbers are different? WTF?)

Finally, you might notice that little round thing in the back of the haul pic above. That's the heated steering coupler/ring/adapter/whatever. They're also really easy to remove if you don't care about ripping up trim pieces. I just paid $109 for mine in December. This did not cost that much.

Cost beyond a few hours of my time, fuel for the thirsty 4.8is, and some busted knuckles was, and get this..


It's going to be a full 35 degrees cooler here tomorrow. But I really do want to see if I can help out that member, find a radio with the same connection I need, and maybe steal some more interior trim and door fasteners.

We'll see what the cooler weather does for my knees. And in turn, what it does to my lazy ass.

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