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Originally Posted by Lamby View Post
Yes, they are a total pain. So, the access to them is a bit of a process. First, remove the plastic splash shield infront of the Reinforcement Plate, after that, I removed the side covers around the steering control arms top and bottom, and the inspection panels in the Plate, where you can drain the oil from, etc... So with all this done and out the way, by the ARB you can see the top of the bolts, I used a box spanner on the top side and a regular wrench underneath. Lay on my back under the car I just about found enough access to all of the bolt nuts on the underside. Use a bottle jack to keep the plate in place, remove all bolts then remove jack and lower the plate when you are out of the way
Thanks for the promt reply. Yea I saw from the side splash plates you can just about see the one nut from each side. Will let you know how I get on. Car is up nice and high anyhow as the turbo had to come out from underneath and with my belly it had to be high for me to get under. Thanks again.
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