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Not so fast!!!

Car was good for the day... then the "Door Open" Messages started again.

So, I got a new actuator from Rock Auto. The Doorman replacement unit went right in; worked for about 5 cycles and then refused to unlock the door again.

I had to use a pair of pliers to pull the lock knob up in order to open the door again. Doorman part goes back as soon as I get it out of the car.

Edit: This may not be as bad a part as I think. I removed the interior panel again and operated the lock... It appears that the panel was binding the lock indicator rod... I will disassemble it tomorrow to see if I can get more free movement.

Also I noticed the clown's nose is working, I don't remember seeing it light up for a long time.

Took it for a short ride and no "door open" message... but they went away before and came back so I'll wait till tomorrow to report on that.
2006 X5 Sport 4.4i

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