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Originally Posted by Crowz View Post
So I don't know if I will get it tomorrow or not
Man, I had the same aggravation since Monday! USPS left me a card to sign as the eBay seller sent signature req'd. Smart, sure. But no less annoying.

I signed it and TAPED it to the mailbox in a plastic sandwich bag. Ain't NO "I didn't see it" going on here. I have the video of the letter carrier taking it off and promptly driving away. No package. So I promptly went online yesterday, filled out a request for redelivery (playing by the rules) and set up camp to await the mail delivery today. And there he came. And went. I know his route means he's coming back to the neighbors across the street, so I wait a few minutes and ask him.

He was nice enough to give me a direct number to the local station. I called and was told, "It's on the truck. Should be there today." So we went around a bit and the man came back to say it was awiting my signature at the station.

The good news is two-fold: That experience didn't take even 1/2 as long as I expected. Nobody goes to the post office anymore. And second, The i7 3.6Ghz processor is swinging away in my desktop where it replaced a fully-capable i5. The i5 will find a home in my NAS build.

So, hopefully you'll get some relief without too much effort as well. Good things *can* happen!
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