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CCV hoses clogged with Mayo

Careening toward head gasket swap and one of my symptoms other than pressure buildup in the overflow tank is mayo under the oil filler cap and under the valve cover (only around the cap area) I have the intake loose and all of the CCV hoses off except for the oil separator and all of the hoses are full of mayo.

This 03 only has 94k on the odometer and was owned by a preacher in Atlanta so I would suppose only driven to the church on Sundays..... short local trips.

I will be replacing the separator and all the hoses but my question is what would cause the mayo buildup and since I am not opposed to forgoing a head gasket job if there is another solution, is there any chance a clogged CCV/Separator would cause excess pressure in the cooling system?

(too cool and windy to work on it today)

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