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Originally Posted by Qsilver7 View Post
There is another way to "test" the ignition switch. If you start the car, turn on some electrical consumers (like the radio and headlights)...then reach over and lower the passenger sun visor...then open the mirror cover.

If odd electrical gremlins occur when you slide the mirror cover open...there's a 99% chance that the issue is the electronic ignition switch.

There's multiple videos on youtube that show the odd electrical gremlins that can occur if you have a failing ignition switch and you do the sun visor test.

Check out some of these videos below and see if they are similar to what you're the visor test to see if you can get the gremlins to replicate themselves.
I agree to start with eliminating the ignition switch as the culprit. There are plastic 'ramps' that close contacts that wear out. If it is the switch it may get to the point that it won't start, the dash will go black and won't even get that miserable click sound.
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