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Cool 2003 X5 Blower motor issues, help appreciated!

Hello, I have an issue with an X5 in the shop, It came in with a 'no blower fan working.' Most of us would immediately suggest the Final Stage Resistor as the no-brainer fix, well, I tried 2 different 'known working' FSR's, no luck with the blower. I checked all the connected fuses, (in this case 34 and 61 if i recall correctly. all good) Then i checked the wiring to the FSR, voltage where i needed it, and variable voltage to the two pins that receive the signal from the fan speed switch (the digital dual climate control module in the dash) There is proper grounding at the FSR.
Ive also pressed the automatic air recycle switch to open the blower panel above the FSR and observed the fan blades NOT spinning, then i put my hand in the opening (it was tight!!) and spun the fan freely by hand, nothing stopping it or binding, it rotated smoothly!
So, i hunkered down, and pulled out the dash, it was a long drawn out job!
the center console needs to be loosened, and slid up and back. I removed the two torx bolts that hold the steering to the dash bracing, it was easier (in this case) than pulling steering wheel air bag, steering wheel, and turn levers.!! with the dash out, i took out old blower motor, and observed that the brushes were worn down quite a bit, as well as they had dug into the armature about 1/8 inch. After changing out the blower fan motor, i reassembled the dash and installed the guage cluster, heater controls, radio and passenger side air bag. then I reconnected the battery ( i ALWAYS disconnect the battery when i work around airbags!!!!)
everything powered up normally............ except the blower motor fan!
so i am stumped!! any one have any ideas what i might have missed!??
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2003 X5 3.0i (02/2003) sport package, Sapphire black metallic / Black Dakota Sport seats. compass mirror retrofit, trailer hitch retrofit, Prodigy P2 trailer brake controller installed, PDC retrofit, Lumbar support retrofit. heated rear seats retrofitted. Running boards retrofitted and subwoofer install in progress. 4.8is Brakes installed front and back. Bluetooth TCU installed, Rear Fog lights installed. Retrofitted reclining rear seat backs.

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