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OK, I took it back apart again and examined the actuators...

The only difference I could find is that the BMW actuator has a wider slot where the lock indicator rod travels. The slot is about a 1/4" wider on the BMW part.

I am guessing that I was having trouble locking/unlocking because the rod was jamming and forced against the slot wall on the new Dorman version. After noticing this difference, I put another bend (kink) into the rod and it now travels as freely as it used to.

A couple notes when doing this job... The vids I found are not detailed enough to be clear; (a) you do have to remove the door lock for the driver door (b) there are three other connections that must come loose before the actuator will slide out [I] the power connector, [ii] the inside door pull cable, [iii] the outside door cable.

If your car is like mine, the cable will be very hard to remove or install. Having a J-hook (I used the tie down rod from a battery) and a bit of strength is needed to unseat the outside Bowden cable. A long block of wood and a strong tap from my palm got it back in. Pushing or pulling with my fingers not only hurt, but there was not enough force available in that small space.

Some of the instructions say you have to move the window regulator and the air bag. I did not move the regulator, and knowing now how it goes together I might not move the air bag if I have to do this again... but it is not that much trouble.

Just a reminder that the inside door panel top clips are not to be pulled UP, instead they are pulled toward the inside of the car. If you get a pry tool in there, do NOT pry between the top of the panel and the plastic that will be visible, you have to pry the plastic and the panel as one unit.
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