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You're curious what waveform the LCM sends to the corner lights I could probably fire up my scope meter and see what it sends.

I noticed that the two filament bulbs only use the high output filament but at lower voltage. In the back half the red lights use PWM half use both filaments very strange. I have 01. I think after 03 they all use only PWM.

I put lights in for turn signal I had to go back to Incan in front because the led won't come on for running light.

In the back it works but I get fast flash because low power. I did notice when I use hazard flash that bulbs actually blink really fast eg PWM activity going on. I believe LCM uses pwm to clamp output to 12v. Not sure why I don't see the pwm blinks during normal turn signal. Maybe that's allowed to run full voltage.
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