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Originally Posted by Crowz View Post
If the aux fan makes any difference what so ever in how well the ac cools then the clutch fan is on the way out.

The thing is completely optional in my opinion as long as the clutch fan is working. Doesn't hurt to have it but the clutch fan handles the job fine. I put a new one on the wife's x5 when I first bought it and it died a year later. Ac cools great without it but I did replace the mechanical clutch fan as it wasn't working that great. After replacing the clutch fan the a/c blows snowballs. Electric aux fan is still dead and will stay that way

Now all of that said it IS required to be there and plugged up for the a/c to work at all on some models at least. They fail in one of two states. Either dead (the good way to go) or wide open (the bad/useless way to fail).

When they die via the not coming on you can just forget its there in my opinion and everything works fine.

When they die in the wide open way you have a problem. Because if you unplug the fan to stop it continuously running wide open even with the key off your a/c compressor wont engage. The one on the wife's car I had replaced died that way which was annoying. Luckily I had the original none running fan and removed the blades from the electric motor and plugged it in while leaving the other one mounted. This way the a/c worked. I tucked the motor housing into the fender for now. I will fiddle with it at a later date since it works fine and didn't have time to do anything else when it failed.

Anyways with yours not coming and the a/c working I would test the mechanical fan clutch if its not cooling like it should. Its probably shot but the good news is its cheap to replace and pretty easy to change out.
Hi crowz, the clutch fan works fine.
2003 X5 4.4i
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