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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
I had to ditch our NAS (Seagate Armor stand alone unit) as it kept corrupting RAID arrays and killing drives. Ended up splitting the 30ish TB of storage, half in my rig, and half in the wife's. Use Allway Sync to back up the data from one to the other. It's a little cumbersome compared to the old stand alone unit... but the peace of mind has been priceless.

During my last CPU/mobo upgrade I switched from an ivy bridge i5 over to a Ryzen 1600x. Couldn't ignore the price to performance advantage. Plus, not having as many problems with specter patches has been nice.

Oh yuck, I can totally relate, I ran a striped array for a long time thinking I was protected... right up to the moment it crapped itself and wouldn’t rebuild ☹️☹️

After that I ended up doing exactly what you did, split my 7 drives between two PCs but rather than using another “utility” to do my copies and backups I used MSSynctoys with Windows Scheduler to kick off my events.

Good luck brother, I wish you all the luck!

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