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Who Got Powdercoated VC

My previous one had a weep - attributed it to a old slightly warped VC.

New VC were PC. I've been semi ignoring the the job looked good but the finish has been bubbling. Has not flaked off, but for sure there are area's where it's bubbled and not on the surface. I know magnesium is quote porus and I'm pretty sure my PC was on point with PREP.

Anyhow, just typing outoud for those that have had the VC PC. How's it been for you on the finish ?
I'm debating whether to even head the route of redo PC on the VC .

I know magnesium is a b1tch to get right on prep. I went over the details with the PC. He's done wheels and calipers and such in the past for me.....
We were clear on the prep since it's mag.
I dunno if it's worth the effort to do a round 2..

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