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Originally Posted by Attacking Mid View Post

I still want to pull the amp out of the back of mine and see if I can resurrect the circuit board as some others have done. At least if I could get the existing system back to functioning, I might have a better idea where I want to go with upgrades.
Yes. Absolutely get the factory system working before any upgrade. It would be really hard to diagnose any issues related to the retrofit. If it was all working before the head unit swap then it must be something related to the head unit swap. If you just swap it out now, you won't be able to know if it it the head unit or something else existing in the factory system.

The unit you listed looks good but most guys like the android because of the open source operating system. It allows you to add a multitude of apps that can customize your features. Some members have linked their home security systems to their androids and can set lights, disarm alarm zones, open garage doors, etc from miles away as they head home instead of waiting until you get next door... Something to keep in mind. You are pretty much locked out of any custom apps with the WinCE OS.

You need to consider the Resler USB IBus interface as well. Once you pull your factory system, you have no way of setting time, resetting avg mph/mpg, etc. The Resler IBus app allows for this but I don't even know if it is available for WinCE.

That system looks like it has most everything else and the price is right but remember you need the optional 6m harness front to rear as you have factory navigation at the moment.
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