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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Pre treat the door seal with windshield ice spray when the temp transitions from above to below freezing and the door won't freeze.

The door latch you can remove the plug for accessing the DHC screw and spray the anti-freeze in there to help prevent the self-destruct button from engaging.

The only real fix is to saw off the self destruct button.

The arrow points to the "self destruct" button. Its job is to prevent lifting the handle when locked however the problem is when you unlock the door the self destruct tab will remain in the locked position due to gummy lubricant and a very gentle spring.

Saw that bastard off and your door handle never locks anymore. Just like "every other car on earth" it will pull up freely "dry fire" when the door is locked but you'll no longer put significant stress on the hinge if the door seal is frozen and you can unlatch the door and have some hope of opening a frozen door.

The onky real workaround to X5 frozen door handle problem is enter through the tailgate.

If the windows aren't frozen you can roll down from outside and use the inside door handle.

I'm not understating the"dry fire" part.

When my doors are locked I can still pull my door handles. You mean if you shave off the piece it won't allow the handle to move when locked?

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