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Frozen door latches

Originally Posted by mr_robot View Post
I'm not understating the"dry fire" part.

When my doors are locked I can still pull my door handles. You mean if you shave off the piece it won't allow the handle to move when locked?

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Dry fire means you pull on it and nothing happens. The door handle will lift but the latch is disconnected internally so it doesn't engage or do anything.

Pay more attention to how the handle works when locked: you can only lift about 1/2 way and it's held back.

It's the opposite of what you describe. As designed, the self destruct button blocks the handle from lifting when the door is locked. It causes a tremendous amount of force on the hinge and is responsible for nearly all DHC failure.

Case in point: today when I pulled hard enough to break wife's DHC today and though It was icy enough to stick up it did not break I just had to wait until it warmed up and it came right back to life.

When the self destruct button is removed, you can lift the door handle 100% of the way but it will have no resistance as it's disconnected from the door latch .
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