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Huge huge HUGE Discovery! I found exactly where the latch freezes up and will work out a good how to preventive freeze solution.

That's in the latched position

This is with the door handle pulled up.

Notice the shiny spot in the middle below the part that just moved. That is WATER.

The rivet that holds those parts together is perfectly flat into that puddle of water and it's about 12mm wide. When that freezes it's good for 100# of force. When I was able to pull mine this am and break it free from the ice there was enough ice film it probably just sublime and re froze. The problem is water from window will re-wet that spot unless something is done. I'm working on a method to shed water from above and/or introduce a gap so the rivet doesn't actually touch the metal there.

In addition, if you remove the lock cylinder (Or blank from passenger side) you can get directly to that spot so if you have a frozen door, open from inside before you stick the door open or shut, remove the cylinder and spray some deicer right on the frozen spot without taking off the inside door panel.
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