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Originally Posted by mr_robot View Post
Going to be doing the front diff fluid so the plate is coming off.

If reusing the stock bolts what are you guys torquing them down too?

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I wouldn't bother removing the stiffening plate underneath. On the US drivers side (my passenger side) if you take the wheel off, then the plastic shroud covers top and bottom of the CV then you can shine a torch in and you will see the diff, the hex bolt at the top is the fill and the one at the bottom is drain, I always check I can get the top fill nut out before I undo the drain... I had issue with seized fill bolts before... not fun when you already drained. Then to fill use a garden hose and funnel or I use an oil suction gun, and suck it out of the oil bottle then fill to the point it starts to run out and do everything up.

Just my way of doing it... access isnt to bad either but depends on your engine. Mine is the 3.0 Diesel Turbo.
BMW X5 E53 3.0 Diesel Sport | Sapphire Black Dakota Beige Leather interior | Year 2004

What I had updated
Carbon Effect Steering Wheel
Panoramic Sunroof Fix
PVC Replacement
All glowplugs and glowplug regulator
New discs and pads all round
All new front suspension links, bushes and rods
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