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Thanks for the approvals gents. Like some you guys I was a little sketchy on the aero kit being the right way to go. It's an awful lot of work (and $$$) to get it done and say "I wish I'd kept the 4.8is kit."

Originally Posted by jsoto View Post
CW - FWIW. Suntek makes a more clearer film. It is thinner compared to Xpel. For clarit, suntek. For best durability, thicker films.....I have not seen Stek myself for own wiki, but given the latter 2, I'd choose Suntek
Thanks for the info. The installer I use has Suntek as well and mentioned it being a little clearer. I want the impact protection more though and have had Xpel on a vehicle. Made a HUGE difference in terms of how the car looked after 2 years. Had complete front end wrap and it all looked like new . So I'll probably do the Xpel again unless the Suntek is substantially cheaper.

Originally Posted by Victorious4.8is View Post
Looks great! I think your gonna need some more aggressive or another color wheels now. Something to make that hot Imola fire really pop! Looks slick though! Great job!
More aggressive than what I have? I thought I was running one of the most aggressive wheel/tire packages on here already! Shoot over some ideas... I'm interested. Always been happy with the Forgestars but I'm always open to ideas/suggestions.

Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
She is beautiful, but I do see a small problem.

There's no video of you blasting by the camera yelling.....

"Woohoo you can't catch me because of my awesomeness!!"[emoji38]
I'll see what I can do for you after she gets wrapped. I can't drive her right now as the left rear tire has splits all the way around the inside from dry rot I suppose. Mouse has informed me that in his professional opinion... in the tire business that would be called a Widow Maker and I should not drive it.

Originally Posted by mr_robot View Post
Truely awesome!!! I never liked the aero kit until now. Imola makes everything look better.

Now I'm kicking my self because there was a local guy parting out an Imola with the aero kit about a month ago.
Should have snagged it! Could have been twinsies. I also like that as rare as the 4.8's are normally as far as being seen on the road... the aero kit is an even rarer bird. So I was happy to marry the two.

Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
Exactly, when CW said he was taking the 4.8is kit off for this, I was in the "well, if you like it that's all that matters." category. Imola really does set it off. Changed my mind on the Aero kit for sure. Those Dinan tips out the back of the Aero kit is my favorite part. Can't wait to see in person.

Good Job Joe, should have never doubted you.
I think it's the door pods that take the aero kit from looking good to "overdone." I am really liking the way it looks without them. Glad you've come around... I always get even more nervous when my usual cohort in crime is disapproving. I'll keep an eye out for another so Archer can get his aero kit.
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