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e53 4.8is Front Drive Shaft Help Please?

My Friends

Please help me out here if you can?

I need to replace my (RHD) Right Side Front Drive Shaft.

Problem: We cannot get the old shaft to come out from the trans box?

Are we missing a trick here? My guy who is doing the work has tried slide hammers, drilling a bolt into the old shaft to get a ratchet strap onto it & using old hub puller.

It will not come past the circlip. My guy tells me it should allow the shaft to pull out. We can see the clip and the shaft has small amount of movement but it will not come free.

We do not want to mess with transfer box if at all possible. He had suggested removing the opposite shaft and trying to push something (a bar) thru the box to knock it out from the other side. I am not keen on this as we could damage the trans box.

  • How should this come out?
  • Any tricks on getting it out?
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