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My Headliner is removed, how do I remove my sunshades for recovering?

I recently pulled out my headliner,…I was hoping to be able to remove my front or possibly both sun shades from my panoramic sun roof, so I could take them to my local upholstery shop for recovering.
The sunshades were in the fully forward or closed position. I manually cranked my front sun roof glass back to its rear most position but it wasn’t clear how to get the sunshade removed,…..or,….in a worst case scenario,…manually move the front sun shade to its rear most hidden position,….so that I wouldn’t have to look at the sagging fabric cover on the sun shade,….or feel it touching the top of my head.
I did remove two of the three Torx fasteners that appear to possibly be the fastener holding the sun shade in place,…..however, the 3rd Torx fastener is under the perforated metal piece that creates the sun block when the two sun roof panels are in the vent position,….and the perforated metal strip itself appears to be held in place by a TINY Torx stainless steel or chrome plated screw.
Has anyone been down this path? Any suggestions?
Brian in San Antonio
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Brian in San Antonio/Boerne, TX
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