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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
Ah, ok. Now try swapping the ballasts mounted on the bottom of the housings. #1 in the diagram. This is most likely the problem but check it and we'll go from there.

Couldn't get to it till today, and still no luck. First I swapped the Ballast (#1). Passenger side still lights up just fine, nothing on the driver side. Then I swapped the HCU (#5), same result. Pass side is fine, driver side still out.

So everything has been swapped: bulbs, igniters, ballasts and HCU. Still no driver side light. All parts work fine on passenger side.

The female harness plug that goes onto the rear of the headlight assembly is undamaged, as is the male plug it fits onto. Looking close, no pins or blades are bent or damaged.

Further info, there are two previous owners, both from warmer Seattle area. I bought it over there, drove it back to north Idaho, where winter temperatures are well below freezing at night. I don't think that would matter, these SAV's are surely designed to withstand very cold temps.

Is there any other suggestions? Could the LCM III have shut down just the driver side by a bulb going out?

I can order a used LCM III on eBay for about $60, but I don't want to get stuck with it, if that isn't the problem.

Feeling a bit defeated... But you guys have been a real learning experience, and I really appreciate all the info and graphics. Hoping you can still get me fixed. Thank you!!!
2006 X5 E53 M54

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