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I had a similar experience this week as explained in my thread here:

Once I had the cut wire repaired, my right light worked for the first time. But the left one quit working in the process. I swapped all the components from side-side (again) and it still wouldn't work. I put the old known-working bulb in to no avail. At this point in the troubleshooting process, I was down to searching for broken wires, etc. Seeing nothing obviously wrong, I decided to go through the whole part swap routine one more time.

Since I was getting tired of uncrewing all the little mounting screws, I decided to just plug in the components, but not install the screws. When I did that, both sides worked. This led me to believe I simply had a contact issue with one of the components on the bottom of the light. I pushed each in and out of it's contacts several times, applied some dielectric grease, butttoned it all back up and all is good.

The contacts on the left side components all LOOKED good, but somehow weren't making good enough contact. Oddly, the right side had some corrosion in the smaller box connections, yet it still worked.

Hope that helps.

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