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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
That's what I would try first. Switch the entire light assemblies.

When I had this problem (still do, but bypassed the LCM with a relay) it turned out to be a fault with the ALC (headlight leveling). When the LCM detects a non-func ALC it will disable that low beam. High beams will work if memory serves but lows will not. I still have not corrected this problem as I bypassed it and haven't had time (desire) to dig into it.

There's a thread about both the issue and my bypass somewhere on here.

Wasn't sure if the plugs were symmetrical, didn't want to damage anything if they weren't, so I'll try swapping the whole assembly.

Regarding the ALC, both low and high beams don't work. All components have been swapped over, the new bulbs, igniters, ballast and Headlight Control module. Still, no driver side. I did have a conversation with a local repair shop that does BMW, he believes the Light Control Module III needs to be coded to turn power back on to the xenon headlight, saying since the lamp actually went out, it detected a short and shut down power to just the xenon.

I'll keep you posted on this great mystery... Thank you!!
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