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Originally Posted by North Idaho X5 View Post
Thank you, the ballast, igniter, Headlight Control Unit and new bulb have been swapped over to the opposite side, where they all work fine. Thanks for the info, I'll keep an eye on the igniter and it's contacts. I hope yours stays working, and you get your bumper back on soon!
Thanks! I have gone out and turned the lights on twice this morning and so far, so good! Have you inspected all the wires inside? Not all wires are for the headlight, so it's not too difficult to check them. Did you see the break in my big yellow wire from my new owner thread?:

I would just bend that little tab out a bit. It can't hurt anything and it's easy to do.

If you remove the ballast, you can check all your wires' continuity. On one side of the ballast receptacle, you only have the yellow and brown wires going to the main plug for the vehicle's wiring harness. On the other side of the receptacle, you have 4 smaller diameter wires including the black ground wire (Sorry, I can't recall the other colors, but it's obvious when you're in there.) These 4 wires go to the plug that plugs into the ignitor. You'll need something like a sharp pick to get in there to make contact because the female receptacles were far too small for the probes on my multimeter.

On the ignitor end, I didn't know which receptacle hole went to which wire, but it didn't matter. Just check them all and one should show continuity for each wire coming from the ballast. If none show continuity for one or more of the wires, then you know you've isolated your problem.

The insulation cracking on these wires is a known and widespread problem, so also check for possible shorting. I have no idea how that yellow wire got severed on mine. It looks like someone cleanly cut it, but I can't imagine how that would have happened.

Anyway.... hope some of this helps.

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