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The great tire hunt. Come join the fun!

I absolutely love using my grandtrek wt M3 DSST (Dunlop name for run on flat).

They are winter tires and I use them year 'round though I also have a set in 235 for when it gets really ugly (drive through 12" fresh unplowed snow for example).

I've gone off road through fields in fresh wet snow 6" deep never felt like close to getting stuck.

I've pulled cars out of iced in parking situations SIDEWAYS. (pulling a car out of a parking space with less than 2' of space between the cars front and back.

They dont make the GrandTrek anymore the next model is the sp wintersport 3D then 4D.

They are a little noisy as you come to a stop make a distinct hum that annoyingly sounds very much like a wheel bearing going bad.

I have STUPID amounts of traction on wet roads on leaves, on wet grass, rocks dirt and the occasional 24" snow bank (though my lower hex grill that looks more like it came from "deliverance" every time I do that).

I did some g-force runs and on slush covered roads I can both brake and accelerate at half the rate of dry ground.

I found they have 255/55/18 at Sam's club for about $220 a tire which is amazing considering the last time I looked for similar tires it was $1100 for the set.

I've seen a few on eBay for about $170.

I've been only using winter tires on my X5 since I bought it. Wife's came with "all season" which made her car drive like a rear drive car on snow. I thought the crappy performance of her car wet or dry was because I had sport suspension but it was mostly the tires.

I bought new rims and a set of used GrandTrek WT M3 and put my older Dunlop winter tires on wifes X5 and it INSTANTLY was awesome.

I've avoided at least one or two accidents specifically because I use winter tires year 'round. When you hit the brakes hard and there is a little oil in the ground because it hasn't rained in a while and end up 1-2' away from the car in front of you, you can bet the farm you'd have hit the car using all season tires.

All seasons have not half the traction on snow and that's being generous. Just a couple days ago I saw my friend spinning all four wheels getting out of a parking spot where I pulled out of the same conditions with maybe 6" of wheel slip. (vs. dozens of yards of slip).

It's cheaper to pay for the extra wear by replacing more often than have a winter and summer set and you'll never know when you'll hit an oily patch or some wet leaves in a corner. I'll take "double the grip" over anything else in those condition.

The tires wear great considering the softer compound even right to the wear bars, they also have dual wear bars: 1) Winter wear bars (when they lose winter effectiveness) and The normal end of life wear bars.,_IL

Here's a video of me pulling out of a snow over ice parking hole. I took the video because I had no problem whatsoever driving into or out of this parking space but in a few minutes while I was there I noticed several people in fwd cars spinning their wheels terribly trying to get out of identical situation. Even 4WD cars spinning their wheels like 10 mph. Compare to mine.,_IL

Here is a video of me backing into the space (taken just before the video above). The snow is trampled snow onto basically ice. Literally difficult to walk on. FWD cars with all season tires could not move one inch without spinning their tires.

I could tow a car with all season tires across a slippery surface like this if they have their brakes on.

The safety factor alone will keep me on winter tires for life. Never going back.

Also they look badass:

E53 / M54 2001 3.0i gas LHD (pair of them: his & her)

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