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The great tire hunt. Come join the fun!

I've driven about 30,000 miles on the Dunlop. My first set were the model before the GrandTrek I forget what it was called. They wore great right down to the wear bars. My current set has a little bit of tread block tear out on one tire, prob alignment related. I just used a razor knife and cut off the little bits that were starting to peel off and the problem stopped in it's tracks.

Wife drives more than me: she's getting a little edge wear on her fronts I'm going to swap with the rears. They are at the winter wear bars on the front but the backs have 2-3 32nd more so it'll do well to rotate those.

I'm done looking for life. No interest in a non Dunlop or non winter or non X5. Like einstein with his outfit. No need to waste brainpower once you've decided what works for you.

They make a lower performance model that is a good amount less expensive also available in 255/55/18 that i will put on wife's car when hers wear out. I think they were about $160 vs $220 and other than cornering ability and fine control they should perform quite similarly in normal driving.

I don't use brakes much when cornering, I need maximum cornering ability.

I've been rough on my tires, bruising pot holes, I use a "straight in" parking method where rather than going back and forth a dozen times to get into a tight spot, I just drive in forward, pull into the curb about a foot or so then back into the street. One shot and done, I've done that dozens of times (and may have just solved the mystery of why only one tire has that mystery tread blow out haa haa!)

I've done 4 wheel drift on gravel and I chased a Bentley continental GT up to 105 just trying to say "nice car". They are absolutely stellar tires.
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