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What do you guys think about this Android HU?

Originally Posted by semcoinc View Post
My PX5 board with octacore and 4GB ram performs excellently. Barely 30% of RAM usage when I run iGo, Pandora, and iBus. If I add one of the Wx radar mapping apps or Wx channel or Spectrum TV I still get snappy performance in all the apps.

When it was a PX3 board with 1GB RAM, I experienced pathetic app response, even when lightly loaded.

Good call on the OEM look and butonology.


Exactly my point.. thank you)
Some seller on AliExpress lie about the actual components and put an overlay.. so please read the specs carefully.. .. and whoever has these units.. I will later advice you to download an app from the play store that will tell you exactly what u have .. processor and ram and space
Called Aida64

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