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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Vacuum leak won't cause a meltdown in performance. You'll get codes warning you you are getting bad efficiency.

If you get enough misfires in a particular cylinder, the brain will shut off that cylinder and your performance will go to hell instantly and typically stay that way until you clear the codes.

Try some full throttle acceleration runs and see if you get a misfire code. When this happened to wife's X5 last year it turned out to be bad plugs. It got so bad at the end she could only drive about 6 miles before having to pull over and reset the codes.

I would buy/rent a fuel pressure gauge and see if you are losing pressure at high Fuel demand, also if you get the errors on one or two cylinders, swap some coils and plugs so see if the problem moves.
Shutting down the engine and restarting the engine will clear the misfire counter in the DME (Or do you call it a ECU?). No need to get a code reader to clear the code.
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