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Next I ran the wires from under the hood up under the edge of the passenger windshield wiper to hold it in place and then into the passenger side of the car. Then I put the gauge where the ashtray goes and plugged it into the cigarette light.

Nothing. Zilch, nada nothing from the gauge. Grrrrr.

Seems the cigarette lighter socket in the car doesn't work. After making sure all of the fuse were good and checking it with a voltmeter to make sure it was really dead I was stuck with no way to easily power up my new gauge rig.

Then it dawned on me. The cooler plug !

I went and checked to make sure this car had one and sure enough it did. So I used the cigarette lighter plug that's under the dash that's for coolers and such to power it and it lighted up instantly.

This is what the setup looked like. I have some nice videos too but I need to edit them and upload those later.
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