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Originally Posted by rpoitras View Post
That nut should be more than enough and definitely no need for any additional tool. It really didn't take that much power to turn the engine. I turned it clockwise which is normal rotation for the engine, but I don't know that it matters any way.

So, just a quick run-down on how I get the a/c belt on. I did this with the fan removed to give me access. From on top I put the belt around the main pulley then on the a/c pulley I wrapped it around the bottom going towards the top as far as I could. Then, while holding that belt tight against the a/c pulley I would slowly rotate the engine cw. The belt slipped a couple of times but without me realizing it kinda just popped on at one point. Once it's a on a bit you just need to keep rotating the engine while guiding the belt on the pulley a bit more. It took no longer than a few minutes before it was totally seated.
Just one more question. Have you had the serpentine belt off? My tensioner was actually pretty easy to unload and Iím wondering if either the previous owner replaced it with a lighter one or mine is worn out. Every video online shows the tech struggling to unload the tension.
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