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i had very little good luck with LED replacements but i ended up keeping my rear turn signals they are very nice, but i have the quick-blink as i didn't code out the cold test program.

I couldn't use them in the front corners because the LCM uses PWM to run very low voltage for 'run' vs 'turn' and the LED won't light up. grrrr.

for the tail lights, i think you'd have best luck with entire lamp assembly solution, but you'd need to code out the errors or put in load resistors then you won't get the benefit of lower power.

I installed a jumper to make all four of my tail lights operate for brake; they already all four light for 'run' but two use the low filament and two use PWM; so bizarre!

I have an 01; the bottom lamp uses hi/low filament but the top which is spec'd as a dual filament lamp only is wired to use the low filament for 'run' light.

I noticed recently that the lower lamp on the left is darker than the top lamp in 'run' mode, so looks like the bottom lamp is wearing out; part of why i did the wiring hack was to have redundancy; when my normal brake lamp wears out i have a spare running in parallel on both sides.
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