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Originally Posted by Thecastle View Post
AutoNation Gold 3yr/36K mile warranty.

I've had the following items covered;
Turbo Oil Return Block Seal
Valve Cover Gasket
Rear Main Seal
Manifold Air Pressure Sensor
Turbo Oil Lines
Drivers Side Mirror (power mirror failed)
Tank Pressure Module
Cabin Fan

Probably about 15K in repairs covered. There are others I've paid, but all in all I think this car is over 20K in repairs/maintenance in less than 2 years. So about 10K a year to keep on the road not including insurance and fuel.

I've personally replaced
Turbo coolant lines
Brakes - $1400
Engine Partition - $250 4 pieces
Filtered Air Ducts $950
Coolant Expansion Tank $100
Coolant cap $15
All PCV lines $300
Tires - $1510
TPMS Sensors $500
Alignment $139

IT goes on and on ;-) Get an extended warranty on any BMW V8.
Did you purchase at AN or the same company but outside the AN and what company?

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