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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Honestly thats a great indy and a great price - considering the BMW bearing costs $90 plus the circlip $7 I'm sure it took him a few hours - real good shop to do it for that price and I'm in full agreement it is NOT fun especially that huge circlip
Had front left wheel hub bearing replaced for noise at 100k km (not miles) on my E70 X5M. Shop insisted OE only and I paid C$550 for a part + C$360 labour so C$1,000 with tax for a bearing. There are C$50-C$200 bearings with matching part numbers on ebay, so I may try next time. Thought better go with OE, but may cut corners in the future and take some risks with some parts available as non-OE as dealer prices for parts are..... high. Not sure if non-OE bearing for an M car is a good idea but may try next time.
2011 BMW X5M (was "loving the torque!" but used to it now - want more)
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