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Iíve never messed around with an earlier X, but the pre facelift 325xiís you can adjust how much air flow, flows from each vent system as customers complaints about heating & air conditioning varies between owners. My X never feels like the floor vents put out enough hot air & my feet are always cold. Anyway if you have pa soft, access the system & see if your is adjustable.

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This is all good information and I believe it will require a thorough going over each part of the system. Great place to start!

To answer your questions, I am definitely referring to when I click the AUTO button and AUTO appears on the display. When I click the face vent button AUTO disappears from the display. That's when the issue occurs.

I think the first thing to do is probably to check for any hardware/parts problems issues. In this case, it sounds like I need to verify that the Aux water pump and interior temp sensor are up to snuff like you mentioned, among other things. Is there a simple way to test the heater valve itself or the external temp sensor. those are also part of the input system.

I checked BMW Scanner and I am in fact getting one code for the AUC. I remember trying to open that thing and clean it at some point and simply could NOT get it apart. I suppose I could just break it apart and duct tape it back until I got a new one if that's necessary.

let me try blowing out the interior sensor dust and testing the aux pump and i'll take another crack and the AUC and report back.
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