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I dont have any problems with timing chain, just like everyone said on almoust every group on facebook, IF YOU DIDNT REPLACE IT, HAVE TO DO IT.

My problem is that i have some oil on my alternator, last month start to charge only 12.6v-13.4v, and i decided to buy a new one, maybe because was old, or maybe because the oil...i dont know, so i think i need to change the bracket gasket.

And about the valve stem seals, after i idle it for 5-6mins and rev the car, came smoke on exhaust...and i was thinking need to change them...but 2 days ago someone told me to check the ccv valve, and when i check them (i think the previous owner change them) didnt press hard on the black caps, because that black caps have 6 clips, and one stays only in 3 clips and the other one stays in 5 next time before i drive the car i will check if still oil under them (i drive the car only sundays).

And when i change the alternator, i find some antifreeze between the engine and gearbox...from where you think can come ?
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