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G'day to all from Sydney.

Picked up my new (to me) X5 4.8iS just over a month ago. I've driven for nearly 10k km since then and absolutely love it.

2005 model year, with 202k km on the odometer, so she's been around the block a few times (but still less than average km/year). Exterior there are a couple of minor scratches and stone chips, interior is immaculate, except for the drivers seat (to be expected).

Mechanically it's quite good, smooth engine, a couple of issues with the transmission (maybe the slipping people talk about, but only in 5th gear at low throttle). Airbags were all replaced in the last year, front suspension replaced at the same time, and I was given the rear suspension components.

Absolutely love this car. The engine note on the overrun is glorious. Handling is very good for a vehicle of this size. This car just loves to go long distances...

Hope to have this for many years.

PS As soon as I work out how to post pics, I will add them.
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2005 X5 4.8iS (What A BEAST- Love it)
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