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Originally Posted by Gogubjp View Post
I dont have any problems with timing chain, just like everyone said on almoust every group on facebook, IF YOU DIDNT REPLACE IT, HAVE TO DO IT.

My problem is that i have some oil on my alternator, last month start to charge only 12.6v-13.4v, and i decided to buy a new one, maybe because was old, or maybe because the oil...i dont know, so i think i need to change the bracket gasket.

And about the valve stem seals, after i idle it for 5-6mins and rev the car, came smoke on exhaust...and i was thinking need to change them...but 2 days ago someone told me to check the ccv valve, and when i check them (i think the previous owner change them) didnt press hard on the black caps, because that black caps have 6 clips, and one stays only in 3 clips and the other one stays in 5 next time before i drive the car i will check if still oil under them (i drive the car only sundays).

And when i change the alternator, i find some antifreeze between the engine and gearbox...from where you think can come ?
My '05 4.4 used to leak coolant in the rear in exactly the same spot after being parked for several days, and I had a sinking feeling in the pit of me wallet. It ended up being the valley pan gasket leaking. I tackled the project myself replacing the water pump, coolant pipe (with the collapsible version) and valley pan gasket. Look carefully in the valley pan area for signs of dried coolant. You may be in luck

More pics here:

It sounds like you have a huge project in your hands, but fortunately they're doable right in your garage on your back. I did all of them myself -alternator bracket, valve stem seals and coolant pipe. I'd recommend doing the water pump, radiator, expansion tank and the various water hoses. Believe me, once one component of the cooling system starts breaking, the others are right on its heels, so better to tackle them in one shot. And since you'll be doing the valve stem seals, you now get a chance to clean the intake manifold which is required to be removed to change the valley pan gasket. And because you'll change the valve cover gaskets (and the associated seals) and upper timing case cover gaskets while replacing the valve stem seals, you will fix the oil leak on top of the alternator. That leak is definitely from the upper timing cover on the driver side. Look carefully and you will see the leak. All the best
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